14 Dec

In September, at the Boldór 24 hour race in Le Castellet, the team raced as a permanently registered team.

After perfect training conditions and good qualifying, the race didn't go so well.  An electronics defect relegated us to almost the end of the field. An interruption due to the bad weather didn't make catching up easier but at the end of the race, we were able to take home our first World Cup points.

Due to the shortened 24-hour race in Le Castellet, we were able to take the opportunity to go to Sepang / Malaysia for the 8h race. A big challenge for us. All of our equipment had to be packed in October and then went on by ship to Malaysia. Flights and accommodation for our hardworking pit crew and drivers had to be organized.

The completely new track and the very humid weather conditions were a big challenge for the crew and especially for the drivers.  Nico, Patrick and Lukas had good lap times after the first day of training. In the afternoon, there was the daily rain shower and Patrick fell on the wet track.  He broke his collarbone and was unable to ride. Fortunately, a good and well known rider happened to be on vacation on site and we were able to call Ville Valtonen from Finland at short notice as the third rider on the team. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete any training and his first laps on this race track and this bike were in qualifying.

Nico set perfect times in qualifying and was consistently in the top ten. Also Lukas and Ville could still improve their times. The BMW ran great.

The race should have started on Saturday at 1 p.m. but as in France the rain delayed this.  Even though the weather forecasts were very good, it started to rain extremely heavily shortly before the start.  The first 9 laps were then driven behind the Safety Car, after which everyone had to go to parc ferme. The race committee had heated discussions but due to the weather conditions it was a heavily interrupted race. Only 3 hours before the end when the rain and the danger became less it was continued. It stayed wet until the end but we still managed to improve some places.  The three drivers did a great job and despite the conditions there was no fall and the pit stops and the BMW went perfectly.

We finished the race in 18th place in the EWC class and were able to score important points again to take home.

Now we are already in the preparation phase for the next race, the 24h from LeMans. This race is the most important, and oldest long-distance race in this championship.  Lots of spectators are always there and it's a great atmosphere.

For us again a new challenge because we still have no experience here.  The BMW is going really well now and we will do everything we can to score points again.

24h Le Mans / France 18th-19th April 2020

8h Oschersleben / Germany June 6th 2020

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